A matching game by Spelltop Studio. 


Your time runs out when your character touches the firewall on the left. Match three of a certain kind to overcome the current obstacle.  Examples:

a) match three keys to open the chest
b) match three pickaxes to break rocks
c) match three swords to defeat a blue slime monster
d) match three coins to gain score

The mushrooms are your action points. Match mushrooms to gain action points. The fire blocks tiles on the board. 


Inspired by ToA, PAD, 10000000, ymbab etc.  I really love Pico-8 and hope to make a lot more games in the future. Let me know how you like it and if you run into any issues :)

Made withPICO-8


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Hello! Could you explain the gameplay in this page or in the game itself? Is it this: the character is stopped by obstacles and you have a limited time to match 3 items of the right kind for the obstacle (axe for tree, key for chest, etc).

Hey! Yes you are right. It needs a bit more explanation. Part of the game was intended to be the discovery of the different combinations. So I won't explain them all ;)