A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

A digital card game. Probably not for small children(death, violence).

It is opening day in your brand new Tiger Zoo. But wait there are no tigers, no staff and no customers. Time to get to work...

How to play: The game is over after 20 rounds or if you have 5 police tokens. You will need to buy cards from your hand and place them on the buildings. End turn to activate the cards effects and get a new hand.

Some cards only activate when other cards are in the same building. For example: You need a keeper, tiger and a customer together in a building to earn money of the customer.

Play multiple times and find all synergies and combinations.


TigerZoo.love 417 kB
TigerZoo[osx].zip 15 MB
TigerZoo[win].zip 4 MB

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